ExiteCMS version 8
Posted by webmaster on 29 April 2009 07:00:00

Work on the next version has truely started!

Since the beginning of the year the ExiteCMS development team has put most of it's efforts into the development of the new release.

There will be no official releases of the version 7 code train anymore, but we will maintain the code in our source repository. The current deadline for the release of version 8 is the end of the year, but we will see how things progress...

From a community CMS to a Web Application Framework

The new version will be build from the ground up as an application framework, making it a lot more versatile than the current version, with it's fixed functionality. Some design features of Version 8:
Most of the current functionality will return in the form of a module. Where possible and practical, conversion code will be present to make upgrades possible.

You can follow the work via the ExiteCMS v8 Project link in the main menu, or check out a demo of the new version here.