ExiteCMS v8.0 delayed
Posted by webmaster on 01 January 2011 17:00:00
After a long discussion, sparked due to frustrations with the CodeIgniter framework, the ExiteCMS development team has decided to abandon the current development.

We felt that having to extend CodeIgniter to the point that it was barely recognisable was leading to a codebase which was so different from the CodeIgniter code, that merging newer releases would be impossible. Also, developing the highly modular environment required for ExiteCMS became increasingly difficult.

We have decided to start from scratch, and opt for delaying the new release even more, rather than continuing on what we believe is a dead-end. The new framework of choice is FuelPHP, a brand new PHP framework. FuelPHP is designed to utilize the latest PHP features, it is fully extendible, lightweight and extremely fast.

We hope to have a first beta release ready by this summer.