ExiteCMS support website live
Posted by webmaster on 27 October 2007 10:00:00

Welcome to the ExiteCMS support website!

This website is used by the ExiteCMS development team to provide support to users of the ExiteCMS, but also as a showcase of what this CMS is capable of.


The website runs the bleeding edge, as it is synchronized with the ExiteCMS SubVersion repository. Every change committed is immediately installed on this website as well. The 'Now running' panel on the right tells you when the last commit occurred, and what the current revision level is.

Follow the development process

You can use the links 'Roadmap' and 'Subversion' to follow the development process up close. If you want to check the status of a reported issue, you can directly access our BugTracker. You can also use this to report an issue to us. To login to Trac, use the userid and password you use on this website.

For a general overview and development statistics, please visit our project entry on Ohloh.