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Frontpage News
ExiteCMS version 7.2 released

Release notes:

Version 7.2 of ExiteCMS introduces a big change to your existing website. We have switched from ISO-8859-1 encoding to UTF-8 encoding. This means that if you migrate from a previous version of ExiteCMS, you need to convert your database. Please read the upgrade instructions in the wiki carefully, and don't forget to make a database backup before you start!

New features in this release:
  • A forum ranking system is introduced, which allows you to rank your members based on the number of forum posts. You can use group memberships to create different types of rank.
  • We have implemented an album gallery module. You can find more information about this module in our wiki.
  • There is a new forum setting that will allow edit of a post only for a limited amount of time. Moderators and Webmasters will be excluded from this limitation.
  • New wiki functions have been introduced, to delete and rename wiki pages, to create aliases for a wiki page, and to generate notes, warnings and tips boxes. There is also a GoogleTranslate widget available that you can include on a wiki page, and allows users to easily read the page in their native language.
  • A new system generated wiki page gives an overview of the hits per page.
  • A new module called Download_Statistics has been introduced. This module provides code to run separate download servers, a system to gather and consolidate download statistics from these servers, reporting functionality, a download side panel with quick-links, and a Google Maps implementation on which the downloads are projected, based on users IP address. Part of the functionality (quick links panel, Google GeoMap) links into the existing download module, so you can also use that when you don't use separate download servers.
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded to version 3.2. Also, an image browser has been added to TinyMCE, to make it easier for users to upload images that can be used in the editor.
  • The advertising module now has the option to place a banner at the top or bottom of the panel, or both.
  • Introduced a new reporting module. Reports are plugins that can be available in the core code or provided by an installed module. Group rights can be assigned to a report by the administrator.
  • Introduced a new search module. Searches are plugins that can be available in the core code or provided by an installed module. Group rights can be assigned to a search by the administrator, and the result will be filtered according to the users rights to see information. Searches are optimized by utilizing MySQL's fulltext search were possible. A search plugin can enable multiple search options, p.e. the forum search plugin allows you to search on subject only, or on the full message text.
  • As of version 7.2., new language packs will be added to the core code, instead of separate downloads. Currently, English and Dutch are available. We are in the progress of making a translation module, to make it simple for users of ExiteCMS to localize it.
  • Updated the user module to allow multiple authentication methodes, optionally with a fallback to the local user database. The first method implemented is OpenID, but we're working on LDAP and Active Directory.
  • We have implemented the HotEditor WYSIWYG BBcode editor, which allows your website users to enter and edit posts more intuitively, like working with your favorite word processor. HotEditor supports the keyboard shortcuts you're used to, for copy and paste actions, for selecting text and for functions like bold or italics. It has a pretty good HTML to BBCode converter, so in most cases using copy and paste from an HTML page into a forum post is not a problem (there are still some layout issues with tables using colspan or rowspan).
  • A number of new BBcode's, like font selection, background colors, text positioning, and text decoration, have been implemented. We also added numbered lists. Futhermore, we added a few hundered new smiley's, and changed the way ExiteCMS handles them. Instead of inserting shorthand ascii ( for example :-| ), the smiley is now inserted as an image link. This will solve a lot of parsing issues. For backward compatibility, we will continue to support the old smiley parser. 
  • The forums now have a configurable time limit for guests, so they can only see recent posts. This will encourage guests to become a member.
  • The handling of code blocks in messages has been completely rewritten to cope with variable width themes. We have implemented the GeSHI code parser, to optionally color code the source code, and added a download button for easy download of the included source code.
  • We've added sort and filtering options to the member list.
  • The setup has been completely revised, and is now a lot more "bullit-proof".
  • Completely rewritten the BBcode parser, to handle the new BBcode's introduced by HotEditor more efficiently and fixed some potential security issues.
  • You can now include BBcode's within a [url][/url] BBcode tag, p.e. to highlight part of the text, or to include an image as a link.
  • The unread posts and unread PM indicators (the small envelope in the title bar, the text in the user menu panel) are now driven by AJAX calls, and will be updated automatically without requiring a page reload.
  • For webserver management purposes, we have added eXtplorer, a javascript/ajax driven file explorer with upload/download functions, and FTP client functionality.
  • We have included "editearea", a javascript textarea editor, geared towards source editing. It is now used for code and template editing in the panel admin module.
  • The message parsing code has been rewritten. Now a single function is handling all the parsing, from forum posts, private messages, comments to signatures. For comments and signatures, some BBcodes are disabled.
Important bugfixes:
  • database: MySQL code in setup en rev. updates have been made v5.x compliant.
  • forum: Added recurrent group membership check, to display all groups a user is member from (also by inheritance).
  • database: Fixed error in ModUserTables() where table names were not prefixed when not preceded with a space ( as in fieldA=fieldB, which should become database.fieldA=database.fieldB ).
  • forum: Fix to allow moderators to reply to posts in a locked thread.
  • forum: Fixed typo in the color BBcode parser.
  • forum: Fixed failure in parsing URL BBcode when it had a WikiLink match in the URL.
  • core: Fixed bug in groupaccess() causing a query failure for webmasters.
  • registration: Fixed not setting the last login date when confirming a registration (which auto logs in the user).
  • forum: Added a "View Posts" button to the forum index and the thread index pages, which gives you a flat list (newest first) with a search option.
  • pm: Fixed problem with new PM and new post messages in the user info panel (i18n issue with singular/plural).
  • forum: Fixed incompatibility with some RSS readers, requiring a valid GUID and/or an atom reference in the rss xml header.
  • registration: Allow SMTP error 451 with the word "greylist" in the response as a valid response to the SMTP RCPT TO command (if not, you will get a "user does not exist" error when registering).
  • registration: Fixed a bug in the DNS functions on a Windows platform that caused a lookup to fail.
  • core: Admin menu system: fixed not reloading the current menu panel entries after deleting an entry.
  • core: Country information has been moved from the GeoIP table to the locales table (so they can be localized).
  • core: When a module is detected as not-compatible, a reason will be given (if the module supplies it).
  • forum: Code has been revised. It now supports proper URL detection and parsing, the IMG BBcode tags work more reliable, and the automatic wikiword detection has been improved.
  • registration: Fixed an issue with the captcha image in the password reset module.
  • registration: When validating a users email address, we now try to handle mailservers utilizing greylisting.
  • core: Fixed out-of-memory issues when SQL logging was activated, and a task was started which produced lots of queries (for example the installation of a new language pack).
  • core: Optimized a lot of queries to speed up the website.
  • core: Updated the RSS feed module to be more compliant with all kinds of standards and readers.
  • forum: When replying to a message in the forum or personal messages, you can toggle a preview of the original message.
  • core: Modified the way the config file is found, so it can be placed outside the document root for enhanced security.
  • core: GeoIP information is added to the user, pm and posts records, so lookups have to be done only once.
  • core: GeoIP code has been optimized so that for every IP and every country code, only one query is executed, and the result is cached.
  • core: Improved the isURL() function to be more standards compliant.
  • theme: All CSS font definitions have been updated to better support non-Windows platforms.
  • core: Detection of the browser language settings can now be disabled by the administrator, so a specific language can be forced, even if the users preferred language is installed. Often used when the site must be localized, but users visit with a browser set to English.
  • wiki: The visitorscounter and the Wiki hits counter now try to detect bots and crawlers, to make the counters more accurate.
  • registration: The login panel no longer shows a link to the registration page if that link is already present in the menu.
  • core: Ajax calls have been introduced to load the smiley's block on request (when not using the BBcode editor, and the user presses the smiley toggle button).
  • core: Ajax calls are now used to update the new posts and new private message indicators in the theme header (if present) and the user menu. They will popup in real time, no need to reload the page to check for new messages.
Besides these functional updates, this new release contains lots and lots of other minor bug-fixes.
Posted by webmaster on 01 November 2008 21:00:00 3176 Reads · Print
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