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exitecms_bg.gif is the background image in the header banner. It is placed there via the CSS class '.headerbanner' (in exitecms.css).

exitecms_bg_only.gif is, as the name implies, the same image but only the background, no ExiteCMS name and version number on it. It is not used in the theme, we use it internally.

site_logo.gif is the default site logo used in all kinds of panels. It is the one you see when you login or logout, or when the site is in maintenance mode. ]]>
Sun, 25 Oct 2009 08:52:44 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Ja maar (7,50) ]]> crisiswhatcrisis writes:
O.k. here is the start for a wiki page on the subject:

Step 1. Replace the header picture
In directory /themes/ExiteCMS/images, locate the following three files:
  • site_logo.gif
  • exitecms_bg.gif
  • exitecms_bg_only.gif
I wrote down the measurements of each one and then replaced each with my logo in exactly the same measurements.

I believe site_logo.gif is the pic in the header, what the other two are used for I'm not sure at this time.

For the moment that really is all I need to change right now.

Thanks WanMaster, err, WebWizard, err... ]]>
Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:33:18 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Ja maar (7,50) ]]> WanWizard writes:
Where's you sense of adventure?

True, we've never gotten around to documenting the theme development process.

Some of the basic components of a theme:
  • theme.php
    This is the PHP code that actually generates the page. As such, it determines the basic structure of the page (p.e. in terms of number of columns).
    It also contains the code that has to be executed for every page. Things such as header menu's, message checks, etc.

  • theme_functions.php
    This file is included by theme.php. The idea is that you try to avoid any clutter in your theme.php code, and move as much code as possible to functions you define in this file.

  • exitecms.css
    This is the core stylesheet of the theme. All items in this style sheet are used by the different ExiteCMS components, and should not be removed. Offcourse, you can alter the CSS code to style your theme.
    Any additional CSS should go at the bottom, below the "add custom css here" line.

  • images
    This is the directory that hold all images used by a theme.
    Note that except for images loaded explicitly by either CSS or by one of the theme templates, all images are required because the modules depend on them.

  • templates/templates
    Together with the stylesheet, templates determine to a large extend the look-and-feel of your theme.
    ExiteCMS templates as created using the Smarty template engine. If you want to create or modify templates, you'd might want to read up on that first.
From a webpage point of view, every page contains a header, a footer, and blocks of output (which we call panels) in between. Every panel a module produces is sandwiched between an 'Open' and a 'Close' template. You have different template for the side columns and for the center column (historically called 'table'). In the template directory you will also see templates ending with '_x'. This are (or should be) identical to the ones without that suffix, but introduce an open/close button in the titlebar of the panel.

It is quite difficult to give further or more detailed guidelines, as every theme designer is free to do whatever she/he want in these files, that's the basic idea of a theme.

Customizing a theme requires at least more than basic HTML and CSS knowledge, and also PHP programming if you want to alter the theme layout.

They only other advice is: "Use the source Luke, use the source..." ]]>
Wed, 14 Oct 2009 11:22:05 +0000
<![CDATA[ Ja maar (7,50) ]]> crisiswhatcrisis writes:
With tons of assistance from Wanwizard/Webmaster (or what is his nickname this week) I have the basic setup of 7.2 up and running. Proud as a monkey.

However, lokking for ways to change/localize the theme, there seems to be no docu at all? I actually was advised to 'hack' the css and php code. I'm not too intimidated by that, but it occurred to me that Someone must have created the themes presently in use. Can I ask Someone to tell us how to proceed? Because I hate to re-invent the wheel.

If nothing else I'd like to at least alter the website's logo pic. Call me old fashioned. ]]>
Tue, 13 Oct 2009 16:12:19 +0000