Forum: Announcements ExiteCMS RSS Feed Generator v1.0 (Feed Manager) <![CDATA[ What's going on... ]]> webmaster writes:
Time for an update.

You might have noticed that there isn't a lot of activity at the moment, and you might have come to the conclusion that ExiteCMS is dead.

Let me make something absolutely clear: that is not the case!

There are however several things going on that contribute to the fact that things aren't going according to plan at the moment.

The first contributing factor is the current economy. We're busy making money instead of working for free on ExiteCMS. In the end, we have to eat as well.

Secondly, when we started designing version 8, we decided to pick CodeIgniter as the PHP development framework of choice. During last summer we've hit a wall with CodeIgniter, which triggered the start of a major rewrite to keep things managable. This rewrite happened on a private repository, which is the reason you don't see much activity online. Unfortunately we've hit a wall again, and we currently face the realisation that CodeIgniter is a great framework for the simple stuff, but it lacks a lot of features that are required to quickly write large and complex applications, such as ExiteCMS.

It has been decided that we're going to start from scratch, and we're going to do that using a new framework, FUEL. It's a community driven framework, to which we contribute to make sure it will suit our needs. It is aproaching it's first release date, as soon as a stable version is available we're restart the work on ExiteCMS.

This also means we're going to move the development to GitHub (no more svn), and we're going to use Fuel's package management and commandline installer to manage ExiteCMS' modules. ]]>
Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:22:10 +0000
<![CDATA[ Version 8.0 alpha 1 available for download ]]> webmaster writes:
Today we have made the desicion to make the first version of ExiteCMSv8 available for download. You will find it in the Download menu on theleft under ExiteCMS Core, or use the shortcut on the right.

Wenamed it 'alpha 1', since we still have a long way to go. This versioncontains a fully operational backend administration system. As not alluser functionality is finished, and the only available content modulecan only deal with static HTML content, it is currently only suited forpublic sites with static content.

Installing this version isvery simple, copy it into a website document root, and point yourbrowser to it. The installation procedure should start automatically.

Notethat ExiteCMS v8 requires URL rewriting. For that purpose, a .htaccessfile is included. If your webserver is not set to process this file,you have to copy it to the Apache configuration.

If you don't want to download it, you can have a look at our online demo via the Demo link in the main menu.

We value your feedback, please use the "ExitCMS v8 Core" forum to post any questions or bugs. ]]>
Sat, 02 Jan 2009 22:24:09 +0000
<![CDATA[ new domain: ]]> webmaster writes:
In preparation of the upcoming release of version 7.2, our desire to work independent of our main sponsor, and to work according to the letter and spirit of the GPL, we have moved all ExiteCMS sites to a new domain:

For the moment, the old domain name will redirect to this site, but that will disappear over time, so please update your bookmarks.

Also, as of now we provide public read-only access to our subversion repository, and we have made our project management and bugtracker tool available to the public. You can use your account details of this site to login, which is required if you want to enter a new ticket into the bugtracker.

You can use the links in the menu to access the project management info like the roadmap, the bugtracker, and the subversion repository.

For those that had a subversion connection before, and need to migratie their local working copy, use the following command:

[code]svn switch --relocate[/code]

If you have used the svn:externals property to automatically get all module code as well, you have to do this for each individual module as well. Make sure you type the correct path when you do!

edit: corrected SVN statement, should be https. ]]>
Mon, 27 Oct 2008 16:49:21 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Tonight we have raised the ExiteCMS version number officially to v7.20.

For the next week or two, extensive tests have been scheduled, both on real live sites with thousands of users, as on intranet sites. We are also going to test and document the upgrade procedure from v7.10 to v7.20, and see what happens if we're going directly from v7.00 to v7.20.

Finally, rigorous installation tests are planned to make sure new installations go smooth.

When this is al finished and satisfactory, we will update the Wiki, and release the new version to the public. If all goes well, that's going to be in about two weeks. ]]>
Sun, 05 Oct 2008 21:02:40 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
The album and gallery module has gone live on this website today. We've also included a few side panels, to display a random image, or the latest uploaded image. ]]>
Sat, 04 Oct 2008 19:01:15 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
The new photo album module is reaching it's completion.

It works with albums, which you can see as rolls of film, into which you upload your images. You can publish an album, so others can view it, or you can keep it to yourself, as a "raw material store". Next to albums you can define galleries. You can add images from all albums you have access to to a gallery.

This means you can have albums like:

  • holiday 2006 in france
  • holiday 2007 in brazil
  • holiday 2008 in france
and galleries like

  • my family
  • french scenery
  • beach pictures
which contains images from more than one album.

The photo album module uses SWFUpload to simplify the bulk upload process, and a lightbox based on Mootools to create the slideshow. The content management admin menu contains a new item from which you can modify different settings, like thumbnail size, default access, exposure of the original, etc...

The task still on the table is localizing the new module (in development we use hardcoded strings), that's going to take a day or two.

Next week version 7.2 goes live on the website of one of our largest users, and depending on the number of issues we're going to encounter after that, the release of the new version will take place sometime later this month.

Thanks for your patience. ]]>
Wed, 01 Oct 2008 07:23:16 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
One more thing I think you as an ExiteCMS user needs to prepare for: version 7.2 will use a different encoding from the current release.

This means that existing users need to perform a database migration from the old encoding ISO-8859-1 to the new encoding UTF-8.

We currently testing and retesting the procedures needed to perform this migration while minimizing the chances of failure. These procedures will we published on our wiki when we release the new version. ]]>
Tue, 16 Sep 2008 16:30:08 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
It is time again to let you know what we've been up to.

Let me start by saying that we're not going to meet the deadline set for the release of version 7.2. Main reason for this is the fact that we want to include a photo or image gallery, but the integration work on Menalto's Gallery has proven to be very cumbersome, to the point that we decided yesterday to drop Gallery, and to look for an alternative. This is definitely setting us back serveral weeks, depending on how quick we can find this alternative, and how easy it's going to be to integrate it.

That said, we have been busy with lots of improvements and new features, most of them on request from our users:
  • The forums now have a configurable time limit for guests, so they can only see recent posts. This will encourage guests to become a member
  • The handling of code blocks in messages has been completely rewritten to cope with variable width themes
  • We've added sort and filtering options to the member list
  • The setup has been completely revised
  • Search plugins can now contain multiple searches
  • Completely rewritten the BBcode parser, to handle the new BBcode's introduced by HotEditor more efficiently and fixed some potential security issues
  • You can now include BBcode's within a [ url ] [ /url] BBcode tag, p.e. to highlight part of the text
  • The unread posts and unread PM indicators (the small envelope in the title bar, the text in the user menu panel) are now driven by AJAX calls, and will be updated authmatically without requiring a page reload
  • Now also private messages can be composed using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Added several new features to the Wiki, such as an option to define alias names for a page, and the option to add a Google Translate button
  • For webserver management purposes, we have added eXtplorer, a javascript/ajax driven file explorer with upload/download functions, and FTP client functionality
  • We have included "editearea", a javascript textarea editor, geared towards source editing. It is now used for code and template editing in the panel admin module
We are sorry to keep you waiting a little bit longer, but we're sure it's worth the wait!

Update: We have decided to use DN-Gallery as a replacement for Menalto Gallery. DN-Gallery is a simple and basic image gallery, ajax driven, and shouldn't be to difficult to integrate.And we were wrong. It proved to be even more complex. So finally we decided not to waist time anymore, and write it ourselfs. We expect we need a few weeks to complete it, available time permitting...

Also, the message parsing code has been rewritten. Now a single function is handling all the parsing, from forum posts, private messages, comments to signatures. For comments and signatures, some BBcodes are disabled. ]]>
Fri, 12 Sep 2008 06:53:23 +0000
<![CDATA[ RE: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Time for a new update:

As of today, we have implemented the HotEditor WYSIWYG BBcode editor, which allows your website users to enter and edit posts more intuitively, like working with your favorite word processor. HotEditor supports the keyboard shortcuts you're used to, for copy and paste actions, for selecting text and for functions like bold or italics.

With this implementation we increased the number of BBcode's supported by ExiteCMS, like font selection, background colors, text positioning, and text decoration. We also added numbered lists. Futhermore, we added a few hundered new smiley's, and changed the way ExiteCMS handles them. Instead of inserting shorthand ascii ( for example :-| ), the smiley is now inserted as an image link. This will solve a lot of parsing issues. For backward compatibility, we will continue to support the old smiley parser. ]]>
Sun, 17 Aug 2008 20:47:17 +0000
<![CDATA[ Re: Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
It's been a few months, and altough it is the holiday season, it doesn't mean there is no progress. smiley

We have spend a lot of time in optimalisation and further bug fixes:

  • Country information has been moved from the GeoIP table to the locales table (so they can be localized)
  • When a module is detected as not-compatible, a reason will be given (if the module supplies it)
  • Forum code has been revised. It now supports proper URL detection and parsing, the IMG BBcode tags work more reliable, and the automatic wikiword detection has been improved
  • Forum has a new code parser, which uses Geshi to provide syntax coloring, and has a download button so the code can be downloaded without the need for cut-and-paste
  • Fixed an issue with the captcha image in the password reset module
  • When validating a users email address, we now try to handle mailservers utilizing greylisting
  • Fixed out-of-memory issues when SQL logging was activated, and a task was started which produced lots of queries (for example the installation of a new language pack)
  • Optimized a lot of queries to speed up the website
  • Updated the RSS feed module to be more compliant with all kinds of standards and readers
  • When replying to a message in the forum or personal messages, you van toggle a preview of the original message
  • Modified the way the config file is found, so it can be placed outside the document root for enhanced security
  • GeoIP information is added to the user, pm and posts records, so lookups have to be done only once
  • GeoIP code has been optimized so that for every IP and every country code, only one query is executed, and the result cached
  • Improved the isURL() function to be more standards compliant
  • All CSS font definitions have been updated to better support non-Windows platforms
  • Detection of the browser language settings can now be disabled by the administrator, so a specific language can be forced, even if the users preferred language is installed. Often used when the site must be localized, but users visit with a browser set to English (which is always installed)
  • The visitorscounter and the Wiki hits counter now try to detect bots and crawlers, to make the counters more accurate
  • The login panel no longer shows a link to the registration page if that link is already present in the menu
  • Ajax calls have been introduced to load the smiley's block on request (when the user presses the toggle button)
  • Ajax calls are now used to update the new posts and new private message indicators in the theme header (if present) and the user menu. They will popup in real time, no need to reload the page to check for new messages

Besides these, some changes have introduced new functionality:

  • New wiki functions have been introduced, to delete and rename wiki pages, and to generate notes, warnings and tips boxes
  • A new system generated wiki page gives an overview of the hits per page
  • A new module called Download_Statistics has been introduced. This module provides code to run separate download servers, a system to gather and consolidate download statistics from these servers, reporting functionality, a download side panel with quick-links, and a Google Maps implementation on which the downloads are projected, based on users IP address
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded to version 3.0.1. Also, an image browser has been added to TinyMCE, to make it easier for users to upload images that can be used in the editor
  • The advertising module now has the option to place a banner at the top or bottom of the panel, or both
  • Introduced a new reporting module. Reports are plugins that can be available in the core code or provided by an installed module. Group rights can be assigned to a report by the administrator
  • As of version 7.2., new language packs will be added to the core code, instead of separate downloads. Currently, English and Dutch are available. We are in the progress of making a translation module, to make it simple for users of ExiteCMS to localize it
  • Introduced a new search module. Searches are plugins that can be available in the core code or provided by an installed module. Group rights can be assigned to a search by the administrator, and the result will be filtered according to the users rights to see information. Searches are optimized by utilizing MySQL's fulltext search were possible
  • Updated the user module to allow multiple authentication methodes, optionally with a fallback to the local user database. The first method implemented is OpenID, but we're working on LDAP and Active Directory
Wed, 06 Aug 2008 15:57:12 +0000
<![CDATA[ Version 7.2 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Time for another update.

First of all, several bugs have been fixed:
  • MySQL code in setup en rev. updates have been made v5.x compliant
  • forum: added recurrent group membership check, to display all groups a user is member from (also by inheritance)
  • fixed error in ModUserTables() where table names were not prefixed when not preceded with a space ( as in fieldA=fieldB, which should become database.fieldA=database.fieldB )
  • fix to allow moderators to reply to posts in a locked thread
  • fixed typo in the color BBcode parser
  • fixed failure in parsing URL BBcode when it had a WikiLink? match in the URL
  • fixed bug in groupaccess() causing a query failure for webmasters
  • fixed not setting the last login date when confirming a registration (which auto logs in the user)
  • added a "View Posts" button to the forum index and the thread index pages, which gives you a flat list (newest first) with a search option
  • fixed problem with new PM and new post messages in the user info panel (i18n issue with singular/plural)
  • forum: fixed incompatibility with some RSS readers, requiring a valid GUID and/or an atom reference in the rss xml header
  • registration: allow SMTP error 451 with the word "greylist" in the response as a valid response to the SMTP RCPT TO command (if not, you will get a "user does not exist" error when registering)
  • Fixed a bug in the DNS functions on a Windows platform that caused a lookup to fail
  • Admin menu system: fixed not reloading the current menu panel entries after deleting an entry
We're also working on new functionality for the 7.2 release:
  • A forum ranking system is introduced, which allows you to rank your members based on the number of forum posts. You can use group memberships to create different types of rank
  • We're working on the embedding of a photo gallery. We're looking at both Gallery1 and Gallery2 at the moment, but 2 seems difficult to fully integrate.
  • There is a new forum setting that will allow edit of a post only for a limited amount of time. Moderators and Webmaster will be excluded from this limitation
Furthermore, the more structural changed proposed, such as a completely multilingual code, and the content manager virtual tree, are probably going to move to version8, due to the complexity involved.

As always, Let us know if you have any feature requests! ]]>
Fri, 30 May 2008 08:53:50 +0000
<![CDATA[ Release version 7.10 ]]> webmaster writes:
Today we released the next public release of the ExiteCMS Content Management System, version 7.1.

It is available for download at

If you have any questions, if you have found a bug, if your missing a feature, please post your message in the appropriate forum. ]]>
Fri, 14 Mar 2008 22:01:39 +0000
<![CDATA[ Re: Version 7.1 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Time for another update.

We think the scaling issues have been addressed.

Instead of using posts_unread, to track the unread status of each and every post, of each and every member, we now use a thread_read table, in which we record the datestamp of the last post read.

The result is a much smaller table, no more table updates when you post a message, and no more massive cleanup every night.

This approach has only one small drawback: if you have a thread with multiple pages of unread posts, and you jump directly to the last post (p.e. though a URL, of through the last forum posts panel), the entire thread will be marked read (i.e. all other posts are older). We're still figuring out how to solve that.

Other changes:

  • Added code to detect PHP on IIS, so we can handle code that is Linux-only (p.e. the PHP functions for DNS)
  • Added support for POST variables to 404handler.php (only for non-redirects!)
  • The 404handler now supports both Apache's ErrorDocument and mod_rewrite as redirection method when a page is not found
  • Moved download bars from the core admin panel to an installable module
  • Added support for multiple panels per installable module
  • Added captcha validation to comments posts and the content form (guests only) to avoid spambots
  • Added a PAGETITLE variable, to allow code to add a custom page title. Used in the forum code to display the thread subject
  • Added a new core module "Blogs"
  • Added session management, moved all cookies to session variables
We hope to install the current code base on the website of one of our users, and if the performance issues are indeed solved, we will soon release the next version. ]]>
Mon, 04 Feb 2008 14:08:16 +0000
<![CDATA[ Re: Version 7.1 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Some bad news I'm afraid.

The expected release of version 7.1 has been delayed by at least a month.

One of your ExiteCMS users has reported serious scaling and performance issues in the forum modules when the number of users and posts increases ( > 5.000 users and > 100.000 posts ).

Database updates of the posts_unread table regularly take more than 30 seconds, which is clearly unacceptable.

Unfortunately, this means an entire new system for tracking post status has to be designed.

We feel this needs to be fixed a.s.a.p. ]]>
Mon, 07 Jan 2008 17:35:58 +0000
<![CDATA[ Version 7.1 progress report ]]> webmaster writes:
Now that we're slowly inching towards version 7.1, it is time to give you an update of the progress.

Besides numerous bug fixes and cosmetic changes, the following changes have been implemented:
  • Locale tables have been introduced, and all locale strings that used to be in separate code files are now moved to the database. For performance reasons, php cache files are generated from the database to speed up the loading process.
  • The ExiteCMS user interface has been made locale aware. The webmaster can select a default language for the website, and install one or more language packs. English is the system default language, and therefore mandatory, and always available. Users can select a preferred language in their user profile. Also, ExiteCMS will use the languages supported by the browser to select a language if no default is given, no cookie with a previous selection exists, and the visitor is not logged-in.
  • Introduced a new administration module "Webmasters Toolbox". This is subdirectory of the administration directory, and contains small scripts to perform repetitive administrative tasks. As an example, a script to update the GeoIP database will be included. Also, ExiteCMS language packs will be installed in this directory. Webmasters will have a direct link to this module in the user's menu panel.
  • The Wiki module is integrated further into ExiteCMS. It now uses the global configuration table, and comes with an administration module to configure the Wiki. The rights system of the Wiki is now compatible with the user and group management of ExiteCMS. Instead of *, + and -, or hard coding user names, users and groups can now be selected from the database.
  • The user table has been extended to support deactivating users due to an invalid email address. External scripts (p..e one that processes bounced emails) can use this to deactivate a user account automatically.

    Also support for logical deletion of users has been added. When deleting a user account, the user record will only be physically removed if that user hasn't done anything. As soon as there is a post, news item, etc... linked to this user, the user record will be logically deleted, to avoid losing the link to the original author of the items. Logically deleted users are not visible anywhere on the website, other than the users name p.e. next to posts. However, there will be no link to the users profile.
  • Date and time functions have been made locale aware, and are now displayed in the local layout (if not overruled by the webmaster). Entry fields for dates are also locale aware, and not only use the local layour, but also the name of the months in the local spelling.
  • In the locale administration module you can now specify the country the website is run from. This is also the home country of the webmaster, and overrules the dynamic country assignment based on GeoIP. You can use this to 'hide' your real location.
  • The TinyMCE editor has been upgraded to version 2.1.3. Also, a link is made between the user's website locale and the TinyMCE locale, to display the editor in the local language (if installed).
  • To avoid stylesheet caching issues when updating a stylesheet, ExiteCMS no longer uses separate .css files. Stylesheet information has been moved to a stylesheet theme template, which will be recompiled automatically after every modification.
  • Added support for locale strings in the module installer. Installable modules now can load the locale strings into the locale tables upon installation, or use a version update to modify the locale strings.
  • The panel editor has been extended to support header (will be displayed just below the header, and above any columns), and footer panels (will be displayed just above the footer, and below any columns).
  • Added support for youtube links through the TinyMCE flash button, or via the [youtube] bbcode.
Currently we're working on a language translation installable module, with both administrator options (install, delete, activate locale, import, export, generate an installable language pack, ...) and user options (assign translators, translation screens, ...)

Also, major work is done on converting the user interface and all administration modules to support multiple languages. The system is going to support multiple options, selectable per administration component. These are:
  • No support for multiple languages. This is the default, and the current behaviour, with all text hard coded.
  • Single tree model. Every item in the administration component (a menu entry, a panel, a news item, ...) supports multiple languages. This allows you to create a website that is symmetrical, every page, every link, every file is available in all languages.
  • Multiple tree model. Language support in this model is not per individual item, but per administration component as a whole. This allows you p.e. to create a menu tree for language A and for language B, but both tree's are defined separately. This allows you to create a site which differs in layout and function, depending on the language selected.
Note that this works per administration component. You are free to use p.e. Single Tree for the menu system, Multiple trees for the panel editor, and a single hard coded language for the download pages... ]]>
Fri, 07 Dec 2007 15:26:15 +0000
<![CDATA[ Release version 7.00 ]]> webmaster writes:
Today we released the first public release of the ExiteCMS Content Management System, version 7.0.

It is available for download at

If you have any questions, if you have found a bug, if your missing a feature, please post your message in the appropriate forum. ]]>
Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:47:54 +0000