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16 October 2018 13:24 
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Version 7.2 progress report
Time for an update.

First of all, several bugs have been fixed:
  • MySQL code in setup en rev. updates have been made v5.x compliant
  • forum: added recurrent group membership check, to display all groups a user is member from (also by inheritance)
  • fixed error in ModUserTables() where table names were not prefixed when not preceded with a space ( as in fieldA=fieldB, which should become database.fieldA=database.fieldB )
  • fix to allow moderators to reply to posts in a locked thread
  • fixed typo in the color BBcode parser
  • fixed failure in parsing URL BBcode when it had a WikiLink? match in the URL
  • fixed bug in groupaccess() causing a query failure for webmasters
  • fixed not setting the last login date when confirming a registration (which auto logs in the user)
  • added a "View Posts" button to the forum index and the thread index pages, which gives you a flat list (newest first) with a search option
  • fixed problem with new PM and new post messages in the user info panel (i18n issue with singular/plural)
  • forum: fixed incompatibility with some RSS readers, requiring a valid GUID and/or an atom reference in the rss xml header
  • registration: allow SMTP error 451 with the word "greylist" in the response as a valid response to the SMTP RCPT TO command (if not, you will get a "user does not exist" error when registering)
  • Fixed a bug in the DNS functions on a Windows platform that caused a lookup to fail
  • Admin menu system: fixed not reloading the current menu panel entries after deleting an entry
We're also working on new functionality for the 7.2 release:
  • A forum ranking system is introduced, which allows you to rank your members based on the number of forum posts. You can use group memberships to create different types of rank
  • We're working on the embedding of a photo gallery. We're looking at both Gallery1 and Gallery2 at the moment, but 2 seems difficult to fully integrate.
  • There is a new forum setting that will allow edit of a post only for a limited amount of time. Moderators and Webmaster will be excluded from this limitation
Furthermore, the more structural changed proposed, such as a completely multilingual code, and the content manager virtual tree, are probably going to move to version8, due to the complexity involved.

As always, Let us know if you have any feature requests!
Posted by webmaster on 06 October 2008 05:35:14
3446 Reads · Print
Modified by webmaster on 06 October 2008 05:36:36
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