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16 October 2018 13:25 
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ExiteCMS version 7.1 released

Release notes:

Security fix: version 7.0 had a bug that under specific circumstances allowed html and javascript code into a forum message, which is a security risk.

  • Locale tables have been introduced, and all locale strings that used to be in separate code files are now moved to the database. For performance reasons, php cache files are generated from the database to speed up the loading process.

  • The ExiteCMS user interface has been made locale aware. The webmaster can select a default language for the website, and install one or more language packs. English is the system default language, and therefore mandatory, and always available. Users can select a preferred language in their user profile. Also, ExiteCMS will use the languages supported by the browser to select a language if no default is given, no cookie with a previous selection exists, and the visitor is not logged-in.

  • Introduced a new administration module "Webmasters Toolbox". This is subdirectory of the administration directory, and contains small scripts to perform repetitive administrative tasks. As an example, a script to update the GeoIP database will be included. Also, ExiteCMS language packs will be installed in this directory. Webmasters will have a direct link to this module in the user's menu panel.

  • The Wiki module is integrated further into ExiteCMS. It now uses the global configuration table, and comes with an administration module to configure the Wiki. The rights system of the Wiki is now compatible with the user and group management of ExiteCMS. Instead of *, + and -, or hard coding user names, users and groups can now be selected from the database.

  • Introducted WikiLinks in the forum and PM posts. When activated, every word in a message that is a Wiki link in your wiki is underlined, and converted to a link to that wiki page.
  • Added ACL's to wiki pages. Wiki admins can now change the rights settings per individual wiki page. For example, you can hide pages from the public (non-members), you can make some pages read-only (if write is the default), or the other way around. Both users and user groups are supported.
  • The user table has been extended to support deactivating users due to an invalid email address. External scripts (p..e one that processes bounced emails) can use this to deactivate a user account automatically.

    Also support for logical deletion of users has been added. When deleting a user account, the user record will only be physically removed if that user hasn't done anything. As soon as there is a post, news item, etc... linked to this user, the user record will be logically deleted, to avoid losing the link to the original author of the items. Logically deleted users are not visible anywhere on the website, other than the users name p.e. next to posts. However, there will be no link to the users profile.

  • Date and time functions have been made locale aware, and are now displayed in the local layout (if not overruled by the webmaster). Entry fields for dates are also locale aware, and not only use the local layour, but also the name of the months in the local spelling.

  • In the locale administration module you can now specify the country the website is run from. This is also the home country of the webmaster, and overrules the dynamic country assignment based on GeoIP. You can use this to 'hide' your real location.

  • The TinyMCE editor has been upgraded to version 2.1.3. Also, a link is made between the user's website locale and the TinyMCE locale, to display the editor in the local language (if installed).

  • To avoid stylesheet caching issues when updating a stylesheet, ExiteCMS no longer uses separate .css files. Stylesheet information has been moved to a stylesheet theme template, which will be recompiled automatically after every modification.

  • Added support for locale strings in the module installer. Installable modules now can load the locale strings into the locale tables upon installation, or use a version update to modify the locale strings.

  • The panel editor has been extended to support header (will be displayed just below the header, and above any columns), and footer panels (will be displayed just above the footer, and below any columns).

  • Added support for youtube links through the TinyMCE flash button, or via the [youtube] bbcode.
  • Added support for mod_rewrite to the 404 handler. This allows you to use redirects with pages that use POST variables (which are lost when using ErrorDocument). See the Wiki for the correct mod_rewrite syntax.
  • Added support for multiple panels per module.
  • Replaced the captcha code with the more secure SecurImage from
  • Replaced the posts_unread table, which was not scalable and caused big performance problems on larger forum sites, with a new system of determining which forum posts are read. The new system has proven to scale well, and there is no performance impact anymore, both on sites with a big message store as on sites with lots of concurrent users.
  • Added a new core module "Blogs". Members of the Blog_Editors user group can add blogs, and modify or delete their own blogs. Blog moderators have edit rights to all blogs. From the admin page you can define how many blog entries are visible on the Blog index page, and how many days of entries are shown in the author index.
  • A new 404 page admin module allows you to alter the text of the default 404 page.
  • Introduced PHP session management, to store user and session information server side, instead of relying on client-side cookies.
  • Upgraded the Smarty template engine to version 2.6.19.
  • The forum flood post protection (to prevent automated spamming of public forums) has been disabled for webmasters.
  • Updated the search module. When searching through the forums, search will also check attachment names and descriptions for a possible match.
Besides these functional updates, this new release contains lots and lots of bug-fixes.
Posted by webmaster on 05 October 2008 13:13:34
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