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ExiteCMS support website live

Welcome to the ExiteCMS support website!

This website is used by the ExiteCMS development team to provide support to users of the ExiteCMS, but also as a showcase of what this CMS is capable of.


The website runs the bleeding edge, as it is synchronized with the ExiteCMS SubVersion repository. Every change committed is immediately installed on this website as well. The 'Now running' panel on the right tells you when the last commit occurred, and what the current revision level is.

Follow the development process

You can use the links 'Roadmap' and 'Subversion' to follow the development process up close. If you want to check the status of a reported issue, you can directly access our BugTracker. You can also use this to report an issue to us. To login to Trac, use the userid and password you use on this website.

For a general overview and development statistics, please visit our project entry on Ohloh.

Posted by webmaster on 27 October 2007 10:00:00 · 4328 Reads · Print

ExiteCMS v8.0 delayed
ExiteCMS After a long discussion, sparked due to frustrations with the CodeIgniter framework, the ExiteCMS development team has decided to abandon the current development.

We felt that having to extend CodeIgniter to the point that it was barely recognisable was leading to a codebase which was so different from the CodeIgniter code, that merging newer releases would be impossible. Also, developing the highly modular environment required for ExiteCMS became increasingly difficult.

We have decided to start from scratch, and opt for delaying the new release even more, rather than continuing on what we believe is a dead-end. The new framework of choice is FuelPHP, a brand new PHP framework. FuelPHP is designed to utilize the latest PHP features, it is fully extendible, lightweight and extremely fast.

We hope to have a first beta release ready by this summer.

Posted by webmaster on 01 January 2011 17:00:00 · 1 Comments · 23215 Reads · Print

ExiteCMS v7.3 maintenance release
ExiteCMS Today we have released version 7.3 of ExiteCMS.

This is a maintenance release, and contains only bugfixes, no new features. All modules have been updated as well, when you install this version as an upgrade, don't forget to update your modules as well!

This will be the last formal release in the 7.x development train. We will still fix bugs, but will not add any new functionality anymore, nor will we release further maintance releases. If you are interested in a bugfix, download the fixed file from our online repository, or use a subversion client to export the update.

note: we've made a small update, with some last-minute bug fixes, and fixed the version check of the language packs.
Posted by webmaster on 17 March 2010 21:00:00 · 0 Comments · 18953 Reads · Print

First version 8 site live!
ExiteCMS Today, our main sponsor Exite BV has used the launch of their new hosted desktop and hosted email services to introduce the first live website running ExiteCMS version 8.

Check out their website here...
Posted by WanWizard on 13 December 2009 15:42:00 · 3224 Reads · Print

ExiteCMS version 8

Work on the next version has truely started!

Since the beginning of the year the ExiteCMS development team has put most of it's efforts into the development of the new release.

There will be no official releases of the version 7 code train anymore, but we will maintain the code in our source repository. The current deadline for the release of version 8 is the end of the year, but we will see how things progress...

From a community CMS to a Web Application Framework

The new version will be build from the ground up as an application framework, making it a lot more versatile than the current version, with it's fixed functionality. Some design features of Version 8:
  • It will be fully modular, even all administrative functions will be implemented as modules.
  • It will be based on an improved and extended version of the CodeIgniter PHP framework
  • It will support multiple websites with a single installation
  • Website directory structures are defined in a Content Tree, not fysically on disk
  • It will have a free-format theming engine (no fixed column design anymore)
  • It will support different layouts (panels, panel locations) per page
  • It will have support for multiple media output (print, PDF, JSON, ...)
  • It will utilise an extensive and flexible TRBAC model
  • ...
Most of the current functionality will return in the form of a module. Where possible and practical, conversion code will be present to make upgrades possible.

You can follow the work via the ExiteCMS v8 Project link in the main menu, or check out a demo of the new version here.
Posted by webmaster on 29 April 2009 07:00:00 · 3340 Reads · Print

Possible security breach
Security Recently we have seen an increase in the attempts to hack into ExiteCMS.

Usually we are not that worried, but this time we felt then some pro-active counter measures were in order. In short, the hacker attempts to inject values into the PHP system array $_SERVER[], in an attempt to elevate his rights. Since we don't have code that uses data unscreened or that link directly to files or URL's, we feel that these attempts were unsuccesful. Nevertheless, we have plugged this hole in the latest revision.

You can fix this by replacing the file core_functions.php in our include directory with the latest version from our SubVersion repository. You can download the file here.

We strongly suggest you inplement this fix on all of your ExiteCMS websites.

Note that all versions of ExiteCMS have this issue. If you are not using the current release version of ExiteCMS, contact us and we will tell you how to plug this potentional hole for your version.

Posted by webmaster on 20 August 2009 10:00:00 · 3167 Reads · Print
SVN - Now running...
SVN Revision 2379

Committed on
10 Jul 2011 · 12:00
by WanWizard
Total downloads: 62471
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